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We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture in Northern California.



We make your child happy day after day

Chess Education

Popular education for your child and you

Teachers and parents around the world know that chess is not a simple game. It is a great learning tool that will help build your child’s executive function skills.

Build self-regulation and motivation

Help with concentration issues

Learn to plan, organize, and prioritize

Regulate emotions

Learn to pay attention to detail

Various Age Groups


We provide chess classes to both children from 5 years old and adults.

Top Chess Variants


We don’t only teach classical chess but also other top variants of this game.

Best Chess Players


Our alumni have won many prestigious chess tournaments in the country.

Best Chess Openings


Our students know all the best chess openings and how to use them.



Take a look into our day to day life here at Chess School 



To keep up with the constantly rising standards of play

Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies from one of the best masters



Catered to adult beginners who have a few hours a week to practice



Chess lessons for children and adults held completely online





The fascinating world of chess has its doors open for anyone

Our Events


Chess is fun and we are happy to prove it at our events!

Grand Summer Tournament of  2021


Join us for the Grand Summer Tournament 2021. Held every year on the first Sunday of summer, our Grand Summer Tournament chess masters and beginners from North California.

We have competitions for different levels of chess mastery with amazing prizes awarded at each level.

World Chess Day


Celebrated on July 20 every year, World Chess Day is one of the biggest events at our school. Be ready for fun tournaments and big prizes. Registration is obligatory!